Manro Lighting

MANRO is one of the leading distributors in the country and lighting fixtures with experience since 1999 in the field. Proven quality of our products is guarantee of three years provided products and Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001-2000 by TUV and KEMA KEUR South Deutschland Germany Netherlands. We perform the theme. Wanting to better meet customer requirements, in our offer are included design and execution, upgrading interior lighting, exterior and stradal.

fluorescent lighting
surface mounted and recessed mounting in       false ceiling
fluorescent lighting protected dust moisture
industrial luminaires for hazardous       environments
safety lighting
projectors and barriers
street lighting, perimeter
exterior design lighting for projectors
ornamental lighting
Scotch electrical tape
insulating tubes
anti-fire spreading products
bands and tubes marking ties
cold shrink sleeves and terminals
cables and poles
self-regulating heating cable


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